History of Gurdasnangal

This college is named after the only son of Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur, Baba Ajay Singh who was martyred brutally by the cruel Mughal empire. The College established by SGPC to commemorate their death. College is catering to the educational needs of the youth of the area and help creating ample opportunities for employment and development.

On 27 April, 1715 Abdul Mohammad Khan with Mughal forces surrounded Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur and Khalsa Army in an old fortress at Gurdas Nangal. The seige continued for 8 months. The Sikhs fought bravely but fell short of eatables and other arms and ammunition. At that time Bhai Binod Singh also left fortress with many Sikhs.

Finally on December 7, 1715 Mughal army conquered the fortress and captured Baba Ji with 800 Sikhs. They were brought to Lahore and then sent to Delhi in the form of a procession. Many cartloads of heads of Sikhs were also taken to Delhi to demoralize the Sikh sympathies. Baba Ji was put in iron chains and locked inside an iron cage which was placed on the back of an elephant. This procession reached Delhi on February 17, 1716.

On March 5, 1716 the killing of the Sikh prisoners was started. Everyday 100 Sikhs were killed to death. This continued for 7 Days. Nothing was done for 3 Months after that. On June 9, 1716 Baba ji with their selected Sikhs was brought at Qutab Minar. He was made to sit on ground and asked to choose between conversion to Islam or death. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur preffered martyrdom. Baba Ji's son, Ajay Singh who was 4 years old was killed in front of his eyes, his heart was taken out and Baba Ji was forced to swallow it. His son was cut into small pieces, Agarland was made which was offered to Baba Ji. But Baba Ji did not change his decision. There after, Mughal Emperor Farkhsear ordered to pull out eyes of Baba Ji, then to cut . " The cruel devil then took his sword and slashed off Banda's left foot, then both his arms. But Banda's features were still calm as if he was at peace with his Creator. Finally they tore off his flesh with red- hot pincers, and there being nothing else left in their book of tortures, they cut his body up into hundred pieces, and were satisfied."