Baba Ajay Singh Khalsa College

BA(Bachelor of Arts)

Eligibility: 10+2 with minimum 40 percent marks. Duration : Three Years

Semester-I,II,III,IV,V And VI
Paper No. Paper M. Marks
Paper–I English (Compulsory) 50
Paper–II Punjabi / Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi) (Compulsory) 50
Optional Subjects
A Candidate shall select one subject from any one group.
Group-I Elective English/ Elctive Punjabi100
Group-IIPolitical Science/ Psychology100
Group-III Maths/ History100
Group-IV Sociology/ Economics 100
Group-VPhysical Education/ Computer Science 100
Group-VIReligious Studies/History/Maths 100